Culture activity center for elderly in Chaoyang

90% of Chinese elderly people live at home. My project is a culture activity center containing six workshops; Calligraphy, Painting, Seal cutting, Chess and Tai Chi. There is a tearoom, a Chinese garden, and supporting functions for 100-150 elderly every day..

The process has been to search Chinese perceptions of space. Key words are relationship,
fluid, suspended, immanence, and enclosure.
“Western perception of space privileges the tangible over the intangible; with the Chinese, the converse is true. In Chinese conception of space, space is usually alluded to, or allegorized, and this holds true across many different disciplines of Chinese culture.”
A traditional Chinese brick pavement covers the site. It articulates boundaries like a sheet of paper for a Chinese painting. A shop at the entrance faces inside; Chinese immanence paying attention to intrinsic qualities. To have view out and far is important. Overviews of trees in between volumes are softening the edge of volumes which form dynamic space.



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