– a proposition on how to improve the transition to retirement

How is it possible to prevent loneliness among the elderly?

One day the face looking back at you in the mirror will be different than the one you see now. Your hair will be gray, and your wrinkles will create deep furrows around your eyes and across your brow. Your joints will become stiff and you will develop a range of different age related issues such as less energy and reduced physical capacity. All your daily chores will require more time. Fortunately – then you will at least have something to fill your days with. Because loneliness is the issue that elderly experience as the saddest part of aging. This is a substantial challenge for our society, and it is one of the last remaining taboos. Today’s elderly do not wish to be an inconvenience. They remain silent. Living in solitude. How do you want your life to be when you retire?



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