Honest Mistakes

Exploring Imperfections in Digital Design

This diploma explores the aesthetics of imperfection within the realm of digital design.

By actively pursuing digital imperfections and flaws through open exploration, the goal has been to come up with novel expressions and see how they may be used to enhance an interaction design experience. These explorations have carved a path through Glitch Art, 3D-Printing, and 3D-Scanning.

The result – inspired by current technological trends – is a speculative, future-oriented prototype dubbed The Memory Machine. It allows users to explore a virtual world populated by the designer’s personal memories. The memories are built up of broken and bent 3D-scans which, instead of being disruptive elements, add emotional value to the experience.


Syver Lauritzsen  |  syver.lauritzsen@gmail.com | www.syverlauritzsen.com | +47 92 66 35 39