Darakeh River Park:

A Green Lung Connecting Alborz Mountain and Gisha, Tehran

Darakeh River Park rethinks the city through one watershed and numerous underground ancestral ‘qanat’ water supply chains (abandoned in the wake of modernization).

The park creates an ecological network where nature and urban spaces come together to restructure the watershed across scales. A hybridization of uses positioned in strategic points relates to water flows and establish new passages between restrained urban archipelagoes of the highway-scape and the ruined underground qanat system.
The river park works with various programs from north to south: 1) a preserved garden village; 2)a purifying landscape park; 3) a productive landscape; 4) an ornamental landscape of Persian gardens: 5) a link to an existing urban park. Reappraisal of the qanat infrastructure serves to fertilize public space and bring oxygen to a highly polluted and fragmented metropolis by irrigating the
new park.



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