Tøyen Meadow

A New landscape as a Connector and Ecological Activator in Oslo

The Tøyen Meadow reconnects Tøyen Park and the Botanical Garden and significantly expands the recreational area. Three meadow types are employed as low-maintenance parks, in which sheep are rented to seasonally harvest the fields. Roads are re-profiled and new pathways connect Tøyen’s major cultural institutions.

The new green mosaic works in tandem with a new blue system of integrated storm water management and also mitigates the flooding of the Tøyenbekken. Part of the system is cleansing ponds, which are designed to provide new activities in the park. In the scheme, forested hillsides of protected species are integrated with new urban ecologies, flora and fauna that thrive in the Tøyen Meadow, which itself becomes a novel attraction in Oslo’s eastern quarter. The central hub expands Tøyentorg with nurseries and allotment gardens.



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