Aquaculture Resource Centre

The aquaculture industry is a rapidly growing industry with an annual increase of 5-10%, and it is expected that productions will be doubled within the next decade. The industry has a great potential, and a new resource centre for aquaculture will improve the conditions for research and innovation.

Located along the new fjord promenade in Oslo, the project seeks to open up to its surroundings and take advantage of the pedestrian flow to lead passers-by into the site. The centre will be open for visitors, and this way the building can be used to raise a public awareness of aquaculture processes and issues.

The program combines an aquarium for different marine animals with research laboratories and farming facilities. My proposal puts the researchers on display, much in the same way the marine animals are exhibited. This provides for a public mingle area with a variety of choices, including interactive experiences for the visitors.


Rune Nistad  | | +47 41 69 20 35