The Waste Landscape of Gufunes

This project will focus on remediating a highly polluted waste landfill, Gufunes, by integrating bioremediation systems in a public park with various of activities.

Before Gufunes land was cultivated the tidal inlet/mudflat was full of wildlife, characterized by diverse wetland birds. These birds were seeking food/invertebrates to gain energy for further travel to nest locally or in North America. Then Gufunes took a major transaction, and was characterized by industry and the inlet was filled with the city’s waste. Today its highly polluted and the future of this place is uncertain.

In this project a toolbox was made for remediation, including, biofiltering with oysters, but the main emphasis was phytoremediation. In Latin phyto means plant and remedium means restoring balance which is the main goal in this project, to restore balance between nature and urban life.


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