More than meets the ear

Exploring the music experience through interaction design

The Internet revolution changed our view on music consumption and notions of ownership. Physical records was replaced with virtual interfaces and subscription based services that made almost every song available instantly, but has unlimited access to music made it more disposable? 

More than meets the ear is an explorative project in the interaction design field that aims to enhance the digital music experience with the emotional, social and tactile values associated with the physical formats. The project outcomes are on three different conceptual levels:

Spotify Badge – A social way of sharing digital music off-screen as a part of your personal branding.

Monolit – Releasing objects linked to digital music offers an extra channel for artistic expression as well as a more tactile and aesthetic listening experience for the user.

Soundtrack of your life – Using more of the potential in the digital format by introducing interactive music for a portable platform. (The cube is an illustrative interactive model)


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