regenerating hudson yards _
revitalizing high line park

is it the end? 

The project is a proposal for a redevelopment plan that will regenerate Hudson Yards in Chelsea in New York City. The vision has been to design an urban landscape with a city plaza, that will connect to, and revitalize, High Line Park.

The initially focus, and what generated the project proposal, was the question: How does High Line Park end, or vice versa, start? And nonetheless; where is the end of the line, what is the end of the line, or is there an end to the line at all?
In addition, what about the future? Will High Line Park be just as ‘hip’ in 20 years? 50 years? 100 years? Can one make it perennial? What if the neighborhoods of Chelsea, Meatpacking District or West Side Yard change dramatically; will the line survive or be abandoned? Will its fate repeat itself and leave the line in disrepair once again? How can one revitalize High Line Park to secure its prosperity?



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