A Museum for Small ­Objects

The collection of tokens belonging to the children of the Foundling Hospital

The objects belonging to the children of the Foundling Hospital tell the story about child caring, heartbreak, maternal emotion, loss, imagination and hope. These tokens of ­affection carry the personal stories of the ­27, 000 children who grew up at the hospital.

The museum seeks to make the collection of ­objects accessible to the public and bring the tokens back to their original home – Coram Fields, Bloomsbury.

The museum aims to put an emphasis on the overwhelming amount of objects. Each object is displayed individually. Collectively they establish a forest of stories to be unearthed, accompanied by a vast archive of books and documents that have previously not been openly available to the general public.

The museum has an architecturally element­ary expression, composed by walls, beams and columns, echoing the last remains of the Foundling Hospital still present on the site.

Mille Mee Herstad  |  milleherstad@gmail.com | +47 906 86 654