Missing Links

Connecting Larvik City to the waterfront

The project proposes a green infrastructure network that will increase the connections between the city and the waterfront and set a green framework for guiding new developments to support the existing city centre.

A re-location of the train station gives the opportunity to strengthen the city core and regain the waterfront as a public common for inhabitants and visitors.

The network investigates the diversity of meetings and barriers that are present in the imbrication between land and water through three main connections: 1)The Civic link; connecting the City Hall, Grand Hotel, and existing commercial activities to the waterfront: 2) The activity link; proposing various outdoor activities such as a market space, playground and a harbour bath: 3) The cultural and historical link; connecting the existing cultural core of the city to the network and providing residential housing and outdoor cultural activities.


Mette Sørensen  |   mettesoer@gmail.com | +47 99 00 11 23