Growing small spaces in Ytre Arna

Creating new pedestrian connections and reactivating the waterfront by creating public spaces through low cost design

Ytre Arna is a suburban settlement outside Bergen with 2600 inhabitants. Since the textile factory has moved away it has been transformed into a bed town. The urban structure on this northern oriented hillside is dominated by old factory buildings, single family houses and a few fragmented deteriorated public spaces which lack good connection to each other and to the fantastic natural surroundings. 

This project focuses on connecting and creating new public spaces by a system of pedestrian paths, and a low cost design construction through volunteer work that can create local engagement and awareness. 
The project starts with three sites along the previously active waterfront. Today most of the waterfront is privatized or blocked by factory buildings where access is limited. Use of local material or recycling on site material, gives a design strategy for places with scarcity of resources. The goal is to make small interventions with big impact.



Mette Kleppe  | | +47 992 78 098