A New Armature for Gjøvik

(Re)Connecting Districts Through Landform, Surface Conditions and Vegetation

A New Armature for Gjøvik rethreads isolated districts through a selective repairing of its disturbed landform (resulting from the 1994 Olympics), creating permeability in urban areas and reconnecting the water system, urban vegetation and afforestation.

Gjøvik, the ‘black sheep’ city on Mjøsa Lake, is fundamentally revived through an increase of pedestrian activity, a folding of its significant student population into the city’s cultural life and a re-established relationship to water and topographical landscapes. By liberating many single-use parking areas through their consolidation, numerous opportunities for reallocation of space arise in the city center. The river is once again a powerful urban connector and collector of urban life and forests and orchards become warp-and woof with the urban sphere and hard surfaces of the city.



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