Cultivating Awareness

Remediating water quality within the Santa Lucía River Watershed

This project creates a safe operating space for the Santa Lucía River where the river has room to move naturally by recreating wetlands and productive gallery forest to filtrate the excess of fertilizers used in agricultural businesses.

Through the use of landscape architecture, this project reconnects the public to the river and thereby creating awareness of the state of the productive environment they inhabit. This is done by opening up the fenced landscape so that the public will get better access to the river. The project also creates a new landscape armature using the existing mono-functional road network, making it possible for pedestrians, cyclists and the ecosystem to move in addition to motorized traffic. Multiple towers are also placed along the river attracting locals as well as tourists, where they can appreciate nature along the river and the landscape on the ground and the landscape above the canopies.


Martin Laíño  | | +47 40 72 84 29