Rooms & Ravines

Recovering Mesnaelva

This project proposes a linear park along the river Mesna, running through the city of Lillehammer. It explores the urban and landscape potentials of the river corridor and showcases its possibilities. The project’s primary focus is to recover the river and integrate it in the town. This may be done through paths, spaces, new developments, new relationships between city and river, and putting the river corridor in the spotlight by proposing it to be a guiding principle in the future of the city.

The focus is on creating a high quality river space throughout the urban core and reorient the city towards its most important water body. Simultaneously it can make the city more attractive and lively, with the river corridor as a life source for the city as it once was, as well as aiding in re-establishing ecological habitats and protecting the remaining ones.


Marius Løkken Skogvang  | | +47 41 57 10 37