Generasjon hjerte

Et undervisningsopplegg i livreddende førstehjelp for grunnskoler

For every minute that passes after a person has suffered cardiac arrest the chances of survival decreases by 10 percent, and since the average response time for the ambulance service in Norway is 20 minutes, efforts from the public is crucial.

The vast majority of cardiac arrest victims are afflicted in their own homes, making it important to spread CPR knowledge to as many homes as possible and not rely on the occasional hero on the street.

The training program we are proposing is served on a silver platter to elementary schools, where we in addition to reaching teachers and 7th grade students, also reach the students families with lifesaving competence.

In one week, three courses are held at the school, in which essential learning objectives are repeated thoroughly, with a lot of hands on training thus increasing the chances of people having actionable skills in an acute situation.


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