TO DWELL – lost in transition

Community library in Kringsjå

The project is built in a suburban community in North Oslo. Being put between natural and artificial, the idea is to construct a locus before the journey into the forest. The construction could be discussed and cultivated from both the existence of itself -the way space is created, and the desire of body -the way space is perceived and inhabited in, to mediate the condition between gathering and being alone. It is a public place that echoes individuality.

Then, the project is returned from programmatic organization back to the basic territory of human, construction and movement. So, it is always unnamed, as a gesture between organization and figure, the “used for” and the “calling for”.
People come and go, gather and separate, stay and linger. Finally, the montage between space and body is established. The promised construction with undefined figures, waiting for the generate or the infill of narrative.



Longqiang Jin  | | +47 465 90 109