This project challenges the ongoing ­discussion of the next big move in developing Sandefjord.

A place known for sea related industries­ ­spanning from the Viking age through shipyards with whaling and offshore, is debating its connection between city and sea.

Through three scales we explore the ­potential of relocating and collect important ­culture ­institutions, making the shift from the ­industry based to the information based ­society an urban addition of Sandefjord.

We emphasize the importance of these institutions by bringing them to the city square, overtaking a significant and poorly utilized site. The building connects to the square and creates new routes toward the harbor, and is a destination in itself.

The building focuses on staging and exhibi­ting its contents. By working with the common and the specifics, we create internal links so that synergy not only can work between the building and the city, but also building and programs.

Kristian Grøstad  |  kristiangrostad@gmail.com  |  +47 975 47 408

Adrian Rove Nordgård  |  adrianrovenordgaard@gmail.com  |  +47 993 66 838