Transition – Torshovdalen Youth Center

From park to city
From divided to united

The Child Protective Services (CPS) and the other agencies working with the welfare of children in Oslo, have many vibrant and enthusiastic employees that really care to make a difference. But separate locations, budgets, work hours and -methods make ideal collaborations difficult.

A closer cooperation is sought-after by both the employees and the children involved.

One solution is to gather all these establishments under one roof, and one management. This will unify the mission of each establishment with the others, and make collaborations more natural and feasible.

In addition, this project aims to create a unified hang-out for, in many ways, different youth cultures, and thus make the threshold for interactions lower.

The placement of the youth center also makes this often dark and deserted area more vibrant and full of activity.


Ketil Andersen  | | +47 93 22 94 57