Centre for Acute Marine Pollution

The sea is a source of stories and great values. The stories that are told derive from the way we use the sea, and the sea is formed by the way we use it. What stories can a building contain? How can a building strengthen our relation to the sea?

The Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja region has always been defined by the coastline. Today, the coastal activity is less transparent and less connected to the local communities, and it poses increasing threats of pollution. At the same time, environmental knowledge is expanding. The project is a workplace for ­people engaged in research, monitoring and operational response to acute marine pollution. It aims to become a resource for more responsible interactions with the sea by strengthening contact between fields of knowledge and being present in the community. It is a place for learning and participation.

Ingrid Gossé  |  ingridgosse@gmail.com | +47 454 17 099