MSGV (Madison Square Garden Five)

Madison Square Garden must move from its current location to allow for redevelopment of Penn Station. This project is exploring the potential of a new arena on a different site, making Madison Square Garden a more extroverted building, and an integrated part of the city.

In its new location, the Lincoln tunnel’s traffic hub, MSGV activates a dead space in the urban fabric. It establishes a missing connection from the Hudson Yards Boulevard to the core of Midtown, while also being a destination in it self, both for events and for everyday activities.
The building focuses on expressing its main function and identity, which is being the largest event space on Manhattan.
By providing public spaces connected to pre and post event gatherings and promoting multi use of the spaces inherent in the arena structure, the building expands its relation to the city without losing the purity of its program.



Henrik Flåte Poulsson  | | +47 988 19 712