Rethinking the Landscape infrastructure of Jemulpo-Gil, Gyeongin Expressway

With industrial development, cities needed more efficient transportation and logistics systems based on faster transport infrastructure.

One of the main players of this growth was the Gyeongin Expressway, connecting Seoul to its closest harbor city Incheon. Recently in September, 2013, Seoul city announced plans to bury part of the highway from Shinwol IC to Yeoui-daero, a 7.53 km long section known as Jemulpo Gil, underground.

The new infrastructure of the Jemulpo-Gil is not inside the park, but connected to the city: sub-streams that are collected on the site. Based on these streams, new activities on Jemulpo-Gil can be actively changed as a response to the environment-amount of precipitation, sunlight, and temperature-while physically integrating isolated urban fabrics. In addition, it can be a good solution to chronic flooding of the region, as increased surface area and a retention pool can serve the function of an urban reservoir.

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