On Board

3D printing in board game development

Taking on the role of a board game designer, I wanted to see how 3D printing can benefit the game development process, and the challenges that might arise. To achieve this goal I’ve made a fully playable, 3D printable board game, and made it available online.

The project follows the development of the board game from inception to the point where it’s released online – not as a finished product, but as an organic game that will continue to evolve, exclusively within the realm of 3D printing.The project explores how 3D printing technology can influence and shape the game, through iterations and testing, with a focus on mechanics over aesthetics.

The exploration into the technology is done with board games as a backdrop. As such, the project also explores the mechanics of board games, to ensure that the user is provided with an authentic experience.


Gjermund Mørkved Bohne  |  gjerboh@gmail.com | +47 93 63 61 33