Terminating a pregnancy

Å avslutte et svangerskap

The project attempts to understand the system behind the experience of an abortion, seen from a woman’s perspective. How is the woman cared for in one of her perhaps most vulnerable situations?

Women considering an abortion need to find their way through a vast and complex service landscape. Today this can be challenging. The interaction with the system needs to be clarifying and supportive, and not contribute to increased stress.

The result is a series of design solutions that increase the availability of information, support and follow-up. The solutions contribute to the creation of experiences with less uncertainty and stress that might prevent further unplanned pregnancies.

Given that women in Norway have the right to have an abortion, my focus has not been whether it is right or wrong. Rather it has been to explore how service and systems oriented design can increase the women’s feeling of dignity in a situation, which by many is perceived as both vulnerable and difficult.



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