4 strategic landscape projects for Vikna

– the archipelago of coves

The project proposes a long-term strategy for the archipelago of Vikna in Nord-Trøndelag. Four strategic locations underscore the territory’s socio-cultural, ecological and economical values: biodiversity, renewable energy, sustainable aquaculture, and tourism.

Each project is chosen for specific landscape features such as location, topography, infrastructure, view and a place for future investment and development potential. Rørvik, the most urban, is equipped with a didactic, floating aquaculture platform/restaurant with spectacular views; its adjacent park reconfigures a large parking area with integrated storm water management. In Vandsøya, a new diving center is combined with existing fisheries to celebrate the dramatic landscape. A local ferry dock is upgraded and a basis for a new fish-hatchery in Ramstadlandet. Finally, in Kvaløya, a planting strategy works to allow the coexistence of windmills and birds. Together, the proposals strengthen the value of Vikna and offer inhabitants and visitors broader experiences in this rare landscape.



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