10 000 hours

A new urban space in Oslo

Has modern day living become too ­organized? Do inner city kids and youths have enough freedom in their physical surr­oundings? Is it possible to dedicate a lot of time to unorganized sports and activities if living in the city centre?

Imagine a plaza for activities. For being seen and to see others. For skating, dancing or playing football. For having a cup of coffee. For ­doing nothing. For meeting new people. A place to go to when you are bored. A place where you do not have to worry about parents, a coach, money or a specific time schedule. Imagine a place where you could spend 10 000 hours just having fun and experimenting while growing as a human being. A place for the things that are not planned.

My diploma looks to create an urban hangout spot for street based activities and sports in the centre of Oslo.

Enok Gåsland  |  enok.gasland@gmail.com | www.enokgasland.com | +47 938 76 855