Reclamation > Remediation > Urbanization

A remedial blue-green infrastructure for Alna towards 2050

The project Reclamation > Remediation > Urbanization (RRU) proposes a new remedial blue-green, soft infrastructure as a strategic, remedial backbone of a future 2050 liveable urban situation in Alna.

Alna is strategically selected as it is a landscape of pollution, hard infrastructures, logistics and ecological disconnections. RRU proposes to reclaim this landscape and reconnect a missing link in the blue-green system. The Alna landscape is severely polluted, and before any housing, schools or kindergartens can be built, pollution has to be minimized. The chosen method of remediation is through re-vegetating the area; phytoremediation. Oslo’s population is predicted to grow immensely. In this project, the term urbanization largely translates to creating a place where people will want to live, as a result of RRU’s reclamation and remediation strategies.


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