Above and below the horizon

National park centre

Færder National Park was established in 2013. It consists of 95% subsea area with a rich coastline and it was decided to establish a Nat Park Centre at Verdens Ende.

After more than a hundred years as a tourist attraction, Verdens Ende with its unique landscape devoid of vegetation and ice-scoured formations of granite tumbling into the sea, has been the victim of an eclectic development. The current situation is fragmented to a degree that averts the focus from the purity of the landscape.

My proposal is to remove all the existing buildings, and merge every function under a single roof that is patching the scars of an old quarry. This is done to reclaim the qualities of nature, with the aid of architecture.

Through the project the duality between nature and the manmade is explored; and the project should be understood as a negotiator between the two opposites.

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