To dwell and navigate

in built surroundings

“While the brain controls our behaviour and genes control the blueprint for the design and structure of the brain, the environment can modulate the function of genes and, ultimately, the structure of the brain, and therefore they change our behaviour.”
– Fred Gage

The project is inspired by reduced short-term memory, where daily routines exceeding signi­ficance evolves to rituals where concentration is of high importance. How do space have an understood order, a clear language of articulated interior space, where man dwells and receive concentration as an active part, and through that, mirroring the world we inhabit? The project discusses and seeks to understand how architecture serves as a sensed resistance, where time and spatial rhythm found in the visual, offers a way to dwell and navigate in built surroundings: To find one’s place.

Elin Maria Samdal  | | +47 480 66 997