A Psychiatric Halfway House in the centre of Oslo

Labyrinthine Lives – A study in the relation between mind, book and building

“Archi­tecture represents a means to give man an existential foothold” – Christian Norberg-Schulz, Genius Loci.

The project is an attempt at designing ­meaningful surroundings for people who have a different perception of reality than the majority. The institution is specially developed for people suffering from depression or schizophrenia, based on spatial metaphors for the two mental disorders. Located in the centre of Oslo, the idea is that reintegration back to the community should be part of the treatment.

A technical building in Kvadraturen ­constitutes the external framework for the project, while the novels of Siri Hustvedt have been the inspiration for the spatial measures we have taken concerning the program. Interpreting text into spatial qualities has been an important tool to gain a fictional patients point of view, and this has lead to a focus on the importance of daily routines, the relativity of time, the relation to the surrounding city and its light.

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