A piece of city

Urban housing – Dublin, Ireland

Being in a city feels a certain way. Located in Dublin’s Liberties, an old -industrial and working class area, the project looks to make a distinct neighbourhood within itself, but also takes on and is informed by the situation as found. 

Special attention is paid to the city’s common ground – the streets, courts and passageways, making generous shared spaces with distinct spatial qualities and a sense of place.

The project is an investigation into a way of living in the city that carefully considers the scale and measure of a place, the use of -material, the distance between an exterior and an interior condition and the making of thresholds.

To live in the city is to choose to live together. The project seeks an appropriate architectural expression for this collective condition whilst also establishing the character and atmosphere of an individual dwelling and ones relationship as an inhabitant to the wider city.

David Kennedy  |  davikenn@outlook.com | +47 967 41 501, +353 87 905 32 37