Satellite school

Oslo has an increasing demand for videregående schools. Instead of building larger schools, mainly in the perifery. I propose an alternative by building a small scale school in the inner city neighbourhood of Tøyen.

The satellite school at Smedgata 45 would be under administration of Hersleb vgs and secure an intimate learning situation, while also creating a constructive addition to the community. Offering vocational studies, the programmes contained can easily connect with its surroundings.

The building gestures out towards Sørlie square. By the main entrance, you are offered views of a gallery space showing of student works and views of the activities in the underground woodshop. Above, there are staff rooms and a further three floors with flexible classrooms. The top floor hosts the canteen, which offers views over the city.


Daniel Kvalem Oltedal   | | +47 92 42 88 64