Msimbazi Agriculture Park:

A New Hybrid Urban Landscape for Dar es Salaam

Msimbazi Agriculture Park creates a seasonally floodable agricultural plain, bordered by terraced, domesticated landscapes with various recreational, water cleansing parks and orchard areas (floodable in extreme cases) and finally ‘safe’ housing on pilotis that form a new urban park-front.

The project site is in Jangwani area of Msimbazi Valley, which runs adjacent to the dense urban core of Dar. Although defined as a hazardous area in city plans due to flash floods, informal housing continues to encroach.
The Msimbazi Agriculture Park counters encroachment and creates a city-wide park which mitigates urban run-off and fluvial flooding. The Msimbazi Valley becomes a new hybrid landscape, where blue and green structures parts of the expanding city and retains a valuable flood plain as a productive urban park space at the city-wide scale.



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