School Health Services

– more than vaccines and birth control

This project has explored how it is to get help with mental health issues for youth. Users and service providers face a multitude of challenges seeking and giving help in today’s system. The final delivery aims to reveal the core insights and suggests various intervention points to improve some of today’s challenges.

The main target group has been youth at the age of 13 to 18 years, and particularly youth that lack a trusting relationship to either friends or family, and thus more likely to suffer alone and develop difficulties in adult life.

Because school health services is the statutory provider of health services to this age group, they were chosen as the starting point for the service exploration and is at the core of the delivery.

Understanding the systems possibilities and barriers has been just as important as the users in order to suggest valuable intervention points.

This is a users story about how the norwegian school health services work, when at it’s best.

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