Kōkan Gēmu

Peer-to-peer sharing and gamification through
Interaction Design

An experimental and unorthodox take on a topical issue through interaction design with geolocation and game mechanics.

The sharing economy is booming with services for everything from personal assistants to community tool sheds. In the middle of all this sharing we can find the good old peer-to-peer classified ads. Classified ads have moved around from message boards to newspapers to websites to social media but the essence has remained the same: I’m selling, you’re buying, now let’s figure out how to do the transaction. That’s where it stops, in reality it has only been a very slow long move from platform to platform with little or no innovation, until now.

This is Kōkan Gēmu, the exchange game!


Bjarte A. Misund  |  post@bjartemisund.no | www.bjartemisund.no | +47 99 63 95 92