Rail to the North:

New perspectives on the development possibilities for Inari through the Arctic Railway project

A railway through the Finnish Lapland has been planned for years and is now, with the international rush to the Arctic, increasingly likely to happen.

The current plans for the railway aim to serve the needs of existing and developing industries as well as serve as a cargo transport corridor between the EU and the Asian markets. As the two end points of the railway already have large plans with mining and harbors, the focus of this project is on Inari, a municipality in Northern Lapland. Here the conflicts between the new infrastructure and reindeer herding will be the most severe. This project looks at the future railway from different perspectives and scales varying from the development possibilities in the big picture, mapping the alternative routes and effects on Inari and users’ perspectives (local people, reindeer and tourism industry) on a series of small scale detail studies.



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