En enklere hverdag

Everybody has the right to express themselves. But not everyone can interact verbally, and therefore they have to use alternate ways to communicate, such as signs and symbols. Today there are companies that own these symbols, and thereby control the right to use them. This means that they are controlling the right to communication among the weakest members of our society. I wanted to change this, and that is why I have created MEDDELE.

MEDDELE is a Norwegian brand, built around the idea that everyone should be able to express themselves; therefore everyone should have access to the means to communicate. MEDDELE consists of a symbol bank, made by pictures that everybody can use freely and develop further. The symbol bank grows as people take pictures, upload them and share them in accordance with MEDDELE’s guidelines. Together we create an alternate language for those who need it, helping them to freely express themselves.



Anna Sara Svennevik  |  svennevik.sara@gmail.com | www.sarasvennevik.com  | +47 980 52 802