Designing complexity

– Effective collaboration between offshore and onshore

The final concept supports collaboration between offshore and onshore in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. When working from land, staff use any information available to build an understanding of what is happening offshore. With this concept the most relevant information is collected and effectively presented in one dashboard. This project aims to inspire ABB, a high-tech engineering multinational, to see the importance of using design when working with complex systems.

The concept is custom designed for Aibel and their Onshore Project Centre (OPC) located in Stavanger. The OPC focuses mainly on coordinating all projects in the Greater Ekofisk Area. Unlike the way things are co-ordinated today,  the new concept takes all parts of the work processes into account, from activities are documented offshore until they are uploaded so that operators onshore can follow seconds after they are registered. The input from offshore is presented in an interface which gives an overview of the project plan and all activities offshore.






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