Kvadraturen Inside – out

Urban regeneration through landscape interventions

Founded on an imposed grid of streets 15 meters wide, Kvadraturen is occupied entirely by the working sector, leaving only 4% residential use, it is simply crossed through. The imposed grid doesn’t leave space to any gathering, rather than peripheral, and led to the complete deactivation of the public sphere.

A second resultant layer of mobility is considered. The breaking of the façade boundary and the exploration of these inner spaces is suggested, at a scale which will allow the creation of gathering areas with inner venues. To do so, landscape becomes the solution: it increases the aesthetic, hence the value of these areas; it provides pocket “paradises” where to stay and enjoy the history and a physical comfort zone to explore. Moreover, it would provide a sustainable solution for the blocks to work independently, by collecting grey and storm water and purifying it through a natural filtration process.


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